Coosaw Farms Committed to Growing Excellence

At Coosaw Farms, we continuously apply innovation and care to our growing practices, harvesting methods, and packing capabilities to bring families and individuals the safest, freshest, best tasting fresh produce possible. We like to think of our produce as having a level of quality and flavor unique to Coosaw Farms—that you begin to recognize year after year. As one of the most advanced watermelon and blueberry growers in the Mid-Atlantic and world today, we may not be the largest, but we manage our acreage with the goal of being the best; measured by each bite you experience.

What We Grow

Whole foods are the best you can give your body. Healing and restorative, their power continues to unfold in science and medicine. We are very proud to grow some of the most miraculous fresh produce you can choose for your family.


Catch them while you can, before they're gone! Ask for our watermelons in your local store or restaurant May through August each year.


They're here! In both organic and conventional, our blueberries are gathering their signature flavor; ready each year from mid April to late June.

We're harvesting, now!


So healthy and fresh! We grow Napa and an Asian flathead variety of green cabbage. Our Asian cabbages arrive each year in late Spring & late Fall.


About Coosaw Farms

Four generations of watermelon growing.

As with all of our fresh produce, the assurance of Food Safety, Quality, Traceability, and Sustainability are paramount and principle. Our family continues to farm on its founding principles of strength, quality, vision, perseverance, ingenuity and integrity. From crop diversification and annual rotation to precision-based soil, water, and nutrient management, to valuing our employees and supporting our local community, our business practices have always made careful consideration of our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities.

Latest News

Updates from our Farm
  • A Natural Superstar

    Related to the decrease in blood pressure was the release of nitric oxide - a higher amount than was anticipated by the researchers!

    Jul 12th, 2014
  • Watermelon is a Sunscreen!

    Watermelon can act as a natural sunscreen and skin repair.

    Jun 11th, 2013
  • GFSI benchmarked Food Safety

    To demonstrate our commitment to Food Safety, we’ve chosen the most stringent standard available.

    May 23rd, 2012