About Our Farm

At Coosaw Farms, we continuously apply innovation and care to our growing practices, harvesting methods, and packing capabilities to bring families and individuals the freshest, best tasting fresh produce possible. We like to think of our produce as having the 'Coosaw' brand-and thus a 'flavor' and quality unique to Coosaw Farms. The O'Neal family of Coosaw Farms holds a history steeped in four generations of watermelon growing and is one of the leading Mid-Atlantic watermelon producers in the US today.


To define the significance of watermelon's history to our local area, the town where Coosaw Farms is located has a watermelon variety named after it. The 'Fairfax' variety is no longer grown commercially, but was developed by Fred Andrus at the U.S.D.A. Vegetable Breeding Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina in 1952. From this same line of cultivars, Andrus developed two years later the popular, "Charleston Gray." In these times, large 20-30 lb seeded watermelons were highly demanded. Now these giants of the past have been replaced with seedless varieties that can be easily carried, and in the cases of the Mini Seedless, can even be eaten in a single serving. Yes, you, as the consumer, have actually directed the path of the watermelons we grow today.


As part of the farm's sustainability plan for good crop diversity, we also began growing a high quality selection of Southern Highbush Blueberries. Ready each May, our blueberries are large, firm and juicy-exceptional in quality. We're very proud of them! Look for them in all of your local stores.


As with all of our fresh produce, Food Safety, Quality, Service, and Sustainability are paramount and principle. Our family continues to farm on its founding principles of strength, quality, vision, perseverance, ingenuity and integrity. From crop diversification and annual rotation to precision-based soil, water, and nutrient management, to valuing our employees and supporting our local community, our business practices have always made careful consideration of our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities.